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Varnish is a web accelerator written with performance and flexibility in mind. Its modern architecture Gives it a significantly better performance than competing solutions. Varnish stores web pages in memory so web servers do not have to create the same web page over and over again. Varnish Cache serves pages much faster than any application server; giving the website a significant speed up.

Varnish Software

Varnish is an HTTP accelerator designed for content-heavy dynamic web sites. In contrast to other HTTP accelerators, such as squid, which began life as a client side cache, or Apache, which is mainly the origin server, Varnish was designed from the ground up as an HTTP accelerator. The project was initiated by the online branch of the Norwegian tabloid newspaper Verdens Gang. The architect and lead developer is an independent consultant Denmark Poul-Henning Kamp (known FreeBSD core developers), with management, infrastructure and additional development originally provided by Norwegian Linux consulting firm Linpro. Support, management and development Varnish later spun off into separate companies, Software Varnish.
Varnish is an open source, available under the two-clause BSD license. Varnish store data in virtual memory and leave the task of deciding what is stored in memory and what will be paged out to disk for the operating system. This helps avoid situations in which the operating system starts caching data to disk while they move with the application.

Moreover, Varnish is highly threaded, with each client connection is handled by a separate worker thread. When configured limit on the number of active worker threads is reached, incoming connections are placed in a queue overflow; only when the queue reaches its limit will be configured for incoming connections rejected.
The main configuration mechanism is VCL (Varnish Configuration Language), a domain-specific language (DSL) which is used for writing hooks that are called critical points in the handling of each request. Most policy decisions are left to the VCL code, make Varnish is much more configurable and adaptable than most other HTTP accelerators. When the script is loaded VCL, it is translated into C, compiled into a shared object by the compiler system, and is directly connected to the gas pedal.
A number of run-time parameter control such things as maximum and minimum number of worker threads, timeout etc. various command-line management interface allows these parameters to be changed, and new VCL scripts to be compiled, loaded and activated, without restarting the accelerator.
In order to reduce the number of calls in a fast-track system to a minimum, the log data is stored in shared memory, and task filtering, formatting and writing log data to disk is delegated to a separate application.

And the fact that facebook is one of the software that supports the facebook for photos or video content. Facebook uses Varnish to serve the photos and profile pictures,handling billions of requests every day.

Senin, 15 Agustus 2011


BlankOn Linux is a Linux distribution developed by the Indonesian Linux Mover Foundation (YPLI) and the Development Team produces BlankOn Linux distro that suits the needs of the general computer users in Indonesia. BlankOn Linux is Ubuntu-based Linux distribution developed by the Indonesian Linux Mover Foundation (YPLI) and Ubuntu Indonesia (Ubuntu-id.org). Development objective is to produce a Linux distribution Ubuntu distro of Linux that suits the needs of the general computer users in Indonesia, especially for education, offices, and government. BlankOn 2.0 support multimedia such as mp3, vcd, and dvd, and have a theme or look of a typical graphical Indonesia. BlankOn development will continue to be done openly in public forums. This activity is expected to result in the release of Ubuntu one to two times a year.

Display animated boot does not seem too much changed compared to previous releases.
After so long BlankOn 7.0 release. Ubuntu Development Team has published Release Candidate 2 BlankOn 7.0 Pattimura. and Here I present a bit of review and many pictures of BlankOn 7 RC 2. The changes that I mentioned here are the results of the comparison with the development version of Ubuntu 7 RC1 earlier, compared with 7 RC 1 BlankOn there is the addition of two new semantic application launcher Synapse, and timepieces appeared didesktop also experienced an increase in the display, here is a screenshot from Ubuntu 7 Fresh install RC 2 (blankon-Pattimura-cdlive-i386).
One of the changes are quite visible is the addition of semantic Synapse launcher, which can be used as a shortcut to run commands and applications / programs on Ubuntu 7, for those who never used Gnome DO must be familiar with the Synapse because this application has similarities with the Gnome DO. Synapse can be dialed by pressing Alt + F2. In BlankOn 7 RC 2, there are also changes the desktop background image used on blankon-contextual-contextual-desktop. 

Blankon-desktop also has one of the interesting things, namely the existence of a special wallpaper to commemorate the Independence Day of Indonesia to 66 of 17August 2011, which will automatically appear on a predetermined date.
Theme for celebrate The Independence Day of Indonesia to 66

Presented a list of other applications BlankOn 7 Pattimura:
  • LibreOffice 3.3.2
  • Pidgin 2.9.0
  • Chromium Browser 14
  • Brasero 2.32.1
  • Exaile
  • PiTiVi 0.13.5
  • Cheese 2.32.0
  • GIMP 2.6.11
  • Inkscape 0.48.1
  • Shotwell 0.10.1
  • GEdit 2.30.4
  • Stardict 3.0.1
Some of the reasons for the success of BlankOn Linux is:
  1. Is a Linux distribution actively developed openly by the community and is one of the largest in Indonesia.
  2. Applying the concept of Indonesia (language, themes Arts and Culture, Literacy and Applications Typical Nusantara)
  3. BlankOn have a repository with a large number of applications.
  4. Having a focus on making everything ready-made (wifi, multimedia support).
  5. Guidance, help and support the use of Ubuntu is easy to obtain.

Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011


Finally after awaited, Java SE 7, which is under the leadership of Oracle's Fusion product portfolio also Middlewareini appear and can be used by users of Java programmers makers. Java SE 7 is the result of merging some input from the IT industry such as the development of weekly and serious collaboration between the engineers of Oracle and Java ecosystem members around the world joined in the OpenJDK Community, and the Java Community Process (JCP).
Java SE 7 also delivers the programming language changes to help increase developer productivity and simplify common programming tasks by reducing the amount of code required, to clarify the syntax and make the code more readable. This improvement is support for dynamic programming languages ​​(including Ruby, Python and JavaScript), so as to improve the performance of the JVM.

This new version addresses many of the trends that swept the field of computing programming over the past decade. It offers much better support for the increasing number of non-Java dynamic language that is designed to run on the Java Virtual Machine, like Scala and Groovy. It features an API (application programming interface) to simplify the task of running a program on multiple processor cores.

Java SE 7 Key Features or Highlights:
  • Language changes to help improve developer productivity and simplify common programming tasks by reducing the amount of code required, explaining the syntax and make the code more readable.
  • Improved support for dynamic languages ​​(including Ruby, Python and JavaScript), thus improving the performance of the JVM.
  • A multicore-ready new API that allows developers to more easily decompose the problem into tasks that can then be executed in parallel on an arbitrary number of processor cores.
  • An interface I / O system for working with file systems that can access a wider array of file attributes and offer more information when errors occur.
  • The new network and security features.
  • Expanding support for internationalization, including support for Unicode 6.0
  • Updated versions of many libraries
  • Strong compatibility of Java SE 7 with previous versions of the platform to maintain the expertise of current Java software developers and protects Java technology investments.
Get it now!!


The Sims 3 is a game developed by EA (Electronic Arts). People who served in the development of AI in The Sims 3 that Richard Evans. Steve Jablonsky is the composer who was involved in The Sims 3. 
The Sims 3 is already providing a simulation feature of life since the first Sims character was born as a baby, until the end after Sims was reached after the old and died. 

This latest expansion featuring a variety of special new features that can only be played when it reaches a certain age. This makes the simulation of life from childhood to adulthood is becoming increasingly attractive in the game The Sims 3: Generations. The developer explained that The Sims 3: Generations will feature dozens of new types of interactions, including new furniture models that can be used to decorate a living world of The Sims 3. It also supports the expansion of social media where players can share their life stories and simulations with other players via the Internet network, including support for the Facebook site, so players can share easily. 

Perhaps the game The Sims 3 is no stranger among gamers, especially for those who love life simulation game. The Sims 3 is one game that is quite popular by the stout man. During this time we are playing The Sims 3 without knowing that this game is a game that is done by a team game in which there is a Game Programming, Game Designer, Composer and Artist, and that's why this game is very popular for gamers. 

Here are the advantages offered by The Sims 3, sepert; Explore_a_Seamless, Living Neighborhood, New Create a Sim, New Personality Traits System, New Customize Everything, New Gameplay 

Another distinguishing feature of The Sims 3 game with The Sims previously was a city that can be visited in real time. Previously, you had to go through the process of Load to move to areas outside of your home. Now, all you can immediately visit the area without load. In fact, you can do jogging and cycling to the destination. This gives a new feel for the fans of The Sims earlier. Unfortunately, this feature greatly burden the PC memory and a significant reduction in frame rate will appear every time you're in transit.


The third Humble Indie Bundle is now live, which means you can pick up five games while donating an amount of your choosing to charity and the games' developers.
You can pick up Cogs, And Yet It Moves (shown above), Crayon Physics Deluxe, VVVVVV, and Hammerfight for PC/Mac DRM-free for the donation amount of your choosing. You can even choose how to divide that donation between charities The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Child's Play, the developers, and even leave a tip for the folks at Humble Indie Bundle themselves. 

According to information resources Bundle Indie Humble 3 now included in Bundle 2, and games available for Linux operating system is already sold around almost 400,000 for a total of $ 2,168,544.05. Truly spectacular.


Android 4.0: The first Ice-Cream by Google

Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest version of the Android family planned for release in the fourth kukartal 2011. Told by Google's top brass, Mike Cleron, Ice Cream Sandwiches are the most ambitious project from Google. So what can you be in the Ice Cream Sandwich?

Androidandme site gives 13 predictions about the Ice Cream Sandwich by all the rumors that have circulated. Please look at emergency at a time and please specify which points are likely to materialize when the release of Ice Cream Sandwich later.

1. One OS for all
The main problem faced by application developers for Android is fragmentation. As is known smartphones, tablets, and Google TV has a different version of Android, so developers have to work hard to adapt to the applications they create. While Google has been taught how to create applications for a variety of screen sizes, but the problem that arises then is when uploading different versions of the application to a variety of different Android devices.

For that Mike Cleron said that the purpose of the Ice Cream Sandwich is to provide convenience to the developers in creating their applications.

2. UI updated
Although not yet known appearance of the Ice Cream Sandwich, but speculation is growing so sure that it would be a Holographic development of the new UI released at the Google I / O a few months ago. Surely with the new launcher, multitasking UI, widgets Richer and more recent aplication.

Others say that the Ice Cream Sandwich Android phone will be made without capacitive buttons and replaced by on screen navigation buttons such as the Honeycomb on the tablets.

3. Truly Open Source
Google plans to enter the Ice Cream Sandwiches on the Android Open Source Project. Of course this is good news especially for those of you who like using a custom ROM. Andy Rubin said that his company wants to prevent developers to incorporate Android mobile software on the user experience which often leads to really bad.

4. Android 4.0
Google so far does not mention the version number of the Ice Cream Sandwich until the eve of its release later. But you can bet that this ambitious project will be called as Android 4.0. Because unlike the previous version so it seems unlikely Google will use the version number 3.x

5. Linux 3.0 kernel
Linus Torvalds announced the latest update from Linux on 21 July. Chance of Ice Cream Sandwiches will use the latest version, the Linux 3.0 Kernel.

6. Android Market to provide music
Android lovers must have long hoped the Android Market can provide a digital song sales. But until now there has been also realized. The latest leaked contains icons for the music store are believed to be part of Google's plan to prepare for Android Music Store, it can even be launched before the release of Ice Cream Sandwich.

7. Multi-core processors in smartphones
Android 2.x can support multi-core processors, but not optimal. Android 3.0 is the first version that can run either on single-core processors and multi-core processors. And Android 4.0 will complement all that well on the tablet and for smartphones.

8. 1.8 x faster than Honeycomb?
Androidandme sources told that the Ice Cream Sandwich speed higher than 1.8 x Honeycomb. But because there is no detailed information, it is not known whether increased speed is there in your browser, or overall performance GPU.

9. Integration of Google TV and Chrome OS with smart docks
What may be developed by Google is like what has made Motorola a smart strategy dock. Later if you connecting Android phone to a television then you'll get features such as TV or sperti Google Chrome OS.

10. Theme engines for OEM official
Google is currently said to be working on an engine officicial theme chosen for number of manufacturers. Go Launcher EX you can find in the Android Market is said to be one part of that theme.

11. Competing with Apple's Game Center
OpenFeint and Scoreloop is a social gaming network, but Google's Android not yet have an official game center that could be used to compete with Apple. Reportedly Games Google services will be provided, and as a first step has diberikand Google + i.

12. Support Android phone available today
At the recent Google I / OI Android team asked if the Ice Cream Sandwich require special requirements to hardware so it can not run on Android phones that have been circulating on the market today. Although it does not mention one of the phones but Google indicates that a phone with Android 2.3 will be updated to Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

13. New camera tricks, virtual camera operator
Android Ice Cream Sandwich will have many features of the API developers included some cool camera tricks. Even if you recall, Google has to show it on Google I / O.

Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2011


Google's annual developer conference to be held back now. As usual, the event was used by Google to publish all the new products, one of which updates the operating system (OS) Honeycomb is Android 3.1. A number of additional features which are at 3.1 for example Honeycomb home screen widgets that can be changed in size, additional support for input devices such as keyboard, mouse, trackpad, especially the game controller. Unless some of these, also found support for multitasking make the transition a more flexible and relieve the occurrence of crashes. Interestingly, the most recent Honeycomb is going to appear on the Google TV through an automatic update (over the air). At the conference, Google was promoting the OS Ice Cream Sandwich, which borrows some features from Honeycomb. After the success of the tablet version of the Android OS android honeycomb 3.0, Google re-update Android Honeycomb 3.1 which is only available for the tablets. The more the heat of competition, the higher quality that are contested, Google and Apple were trying to attract the hearts of consumers. 
One way Google released the Android Honeycomb 3.1 that advanced course. There are several advantages of this new OS from Android, including Google adds many improvements and exciting features to make user interface more intuitive and more efficient. Improved UI transition in the whole system and also the optimization of the standard application launcher that animation more quickly and smoothly. 

The combination of color, position, and the text makes the UI elements is easier to see, understand, and are used by the user. Provided the Home button on the panel for ease in navigation system that will bring you to the home screen of your last used. For browser feature, Google's web content featuring a simpler, faster, and more comfortable. Quick Setup UI controls that can be accessed from the browser settings and added support for the HTML5 video playback. Repairs and improvements of features including a widget that is more expansive, so that Google Mail can view multiple messages at once in one screen, but it also developed multitasking so the OS to be 'more intelligent, that means the user can use multiple applications simultaneously without having to close one of its applications , could even free up memory. Not only that, good news for gamers because Android Honeycomb 3.1 is powered by the USB Host, it means that devices such as keyboard, mouse and game controller can be connected and used with applications and games. These features are shown to the public which could use the Xbox 360 Controller features paired with a game controller that gamers will certainly avoid damaging its touch screen device for playing games.

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